Golden Spikes Detector Pro


This indicator is based on an advanced strategy primarily for trading spikes on Boom and Crash Indices. Complex algorithms were implemented to detect high probability entries only. It alerts on potential Buy and Sell entries. To trade spikes on the Deriv or Binary broker, only take Buy Boom and Sell Cash alerts. It was optimised for 5-minute timeframe.

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Through our experience and expertise, we developed this trading system specifically for Boom and Crash Indices on Binary or Deriv Broker. Our team took time to study the charts and how the spikes occur on Boom and Crash Indices. The good thing about trading spikes is that they pay in a short space of time. We have the best system and trial versions are thrown once in a while on our Telegram Channel. 

  • High accuracy indicator for trading spikes
  • Filters out noisy and less probability signals
  • Non repaint arrows
  • M5 or higher timeframe for recommended
  • Sends alerts as sound, pop up, email and phone notifications
  • Full training and mentorship on how to get the best
  • Suitable for traders at any level from amateur to pro

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