Real vs Demo Account

While the trader can create a Real account, they may also create Demo accounts. These can used to test out the Indices and try out ideas and strategies, without risking real money.

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What is the maximum leverage?

The maximum leverage is 1000:1, meaning the trader can trade with smaller account sizes if they wish, especially given the minimum trade size available. Increasing leverage increases risk but the trader can reduce their exposure by lowering the order size.

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What is the minimum trade size?

These vary depending on the Index. The minimum trade size is 0.005 lots which is offered for the Volatility 75 Index. Other Indices offer higher minimum trade sizes.

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Are spreads fixed or variable?

It depends on the Synthetic Index. Most are fixed; however, the Crash Boom Indices have floating (variable) spreads.

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What is it like to trade Synthetic Indices?

They are similar to trading any market, in that the trader is trading on movements on a chart on a trading platform and can use trading tools to analyse these markets. One difference is that the trader may select characteristics of these markets such as volatility, or simulate Booming or Crashing markets, which is not […]

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How to Analyse Synthetic Indices?

MT5 has a range of tools for analysing market including technical indicators. Technical indicators were designed for real markets however they can be used to analyse Synthetic markets. As with any market, analytical tool do not predict, but may provide a basis for making a trade. The Indices form patterns as well, providing another basis […]

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