Deriv is a web trader which combines different platforms offered by into one suite of web traders. As well as DMT5, which is MT5, it features DTrader, which is a user friendly platform, DBot which lets the trader build trading robots and SmartTrader.

Synthetic Indices are included on Deriv, in addition to other markets to trade. While is rebranding to Deriv, the platform will still exist. So the trader may trade MT5 Synthetic Indices on either or Deriv, with one login. The trader may also trade Synthetic Indices on Deriv’s other platforms (DBot, DTrader and SmartTrader). The Deriv platform is arguably a more intuitive way to access and use’s platforms.

The Synthetic Indices MT5 account (the Synthetic account) is found under the Deriv DMT5 tab on the platform. It brings up the MT5 web trader available from the account. Synthetic Indices in the shape of Volatility Indices are also offered on DTrader and SmartTrader, but less than on the MT5 Synthetic Indices platform. Deriv is a way to bring together all these platforms, but with the addition of DTrader.

If the trader wishes to try Deriv, they may do so after they have created their account or directly create a Deriv account (which will also let them try out’s

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